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25th Year Anniversary of Children’s Ministry and Celebration

The 25th Year Anniversary of Children's Ministry and Celebration

Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Children's Ministry of Seventh-day Adventist Church

This year 2020 is the Adventist Children's Ministry Department’s 25th anniversary worldwide.  The Southern Asia-Pacific Division is celebrating with the General Conference and with other world divisions to mark this very important milestone.  The ministry started as a full-fledged department only in 1995, but the Seventh-day Adventist Church has continually recognized the importance of ministering to children in various age groups since various ministries were set up.

Starting from a series of lessons for children that focused primarily on history and Bible stories in the 1800s, the Church has continuously developed a child-friendly and balanced Sabbath School curriculum to serve the unique and varying needs of children.  We praise the Lord for the wonderful network of children ministry leaders who have and still are guiding our children and teens in their spiritual journey.  Materials are being produced and translated each year to nurture the faith of these little ones.  Activities and programs were organized to strengthen the children’s prayer life, to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to present to them Bible studies and service opportunities.  Discipling programs for children are in place, and they continue to be a great blessing to children and their families around the world.

For the past 25 years, God marvelously blessed the Children's Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The Children's Ministry would not have reached such a noticeable level of success if it were not for the many people who had the passion, and who shared their expertise and resources.  With the collaboration of the Pacific Press and other publishing houses, the Children's Ministry Department has grown into a full-fledged ministry as it is today, impacting, and shaping children's lives for God's glory.  We thank God for those who have brought this very important ministry to a higher level.

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division Children's Ministry Department delightfully joins the General Conference Children’s Ministry Department as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.  To celebrate God’s blessings to our ministry the General Conference Children's Ministry has prepared for the world fields the 25th Anniversary Celebration Package that you can use in your unions, conferences, missions, and even the local churches.  These materials were prepared by Dr. Linda Koh, GC Children's Ministry Director, and Dr. Saustin Mfune, GC Children's Ministry Associate Director.  You can have Sabbath worship services as well as Sabbath afternoon programs this year using these materials. 

May the Lord bless you abundantly as you celebrate and remember God's goodness, and as you continue to serve all the children in your territory with selfless commitment and joyful dedication to our heavenly Father!

Yours in His Service,

Orathai Chureson, PhD

SSD Children's Ministry Director

Table of Contents

1. Children's Story

2. Lessons from the Life of Joseph

2.A Lessons from the Life of Joseph

2.B Children's Testimony

3. Order of Worship

4. Theme Song: We Need to Go

4.A Theme Song: Musical Score

5. Cybernet Drama

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