Adventist educators intensify stand on Creationism

Delegates from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division were all ears as guest speakers from the Geoscience Research Institute (GSI) shares newest breakthroughs in Creationism during the Celebration of Creation Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, May 16 to 21. [photo by Jessica Vicente]

The longstanding debate between creationism and evolutionism continues to be an issue in schools all throughout the world. As Adventist educators take a stand for creationism, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) Education department strives to equip them with information from ongoing research and studies that uphold the concept of God as Earth’s creator. As part of this service, leaders held a creation conference for Adventist educators and pastors in Bali, Indonesia on May 16 to 21 as part of SSD’s annual education conference.


More than 120 Seventh-day Adventist educators, bible workers, and scientists attended the “Celebration of Creation”, a 5-day meeting discussing top trends in science which differ from creationism. The SSD Education department organized the event in cooperation with the Geoscience Research Institute (GSI) for representatives from Adventist regional offices, churches, and schools.


Scientists from the Geoscience Research Institute shared the latest discoveries and breakthroughs regarding creationism. Speakers and their areas of expertise included Dr. Timothy Standish, biology; Dr. Ronald Nalin, Earth sciences; Dr. Benjamin Clausen, physics; and Dr. Raul Esperante, paleontology. Over 30 topics were offered such as Amalgamation, Vestigial Organs, Intelligent Design, Transitional Fossils, Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism, the Geologic Record, the Fossil Record, Theistic Evolution, and others.


During the conference, the GRI representatives raised substantial issues regarding the use of text books that underline the existence of the world through several evolutionary theories in Adventist schools. Dr. Timothy Standish, Senior Scientist for GRI, says that theories conceptualized by worldviews shouldn’t be left untold to our students. According to Standish, the knowledge of different worldviews provides numerous opportunities to place confidence even more in creationism.


"Should evolution be taught in Adventist schools?'... the answer is 'Yes'," Standish said. "A better question should be 'What should be taught about evolution in Adventist schools?'", he added. In addition to the learning that took place indoors, the conference included two outdoor learning opportunities: Tegenungan Waterfalls and Batur Volcano Museum. Located 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of the conference venue, delegates viewed several rock formations and various volcanic rock layers, all of which reveal the history of volcanic activites in Bali.


Delegates witness creation at its finest as they experience first-hand, the beauty of Tegenungan Waterfalls in Bali. [photo by Jessica Vicente]

The Tegenungan Waterfalls is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Bali. Situated in the low lands, this nature area is easily accessible for tourists and provides not only a memorable but educational experience.


Dr. Benjamin Clausen, physicist for Geoscience Research Institute (GSI), shares with delegtes vital points about volcanic activites particularly in Mount Batur. [photo by Jessica Vicente]

Likewise, Mount Batur, a fully functional museum built in 2004, details the historical volcanic eruptions recorded since 1804, providing significant scientific discoveries about rock formations and other geological findings.


[Edward Rodriguez with additional reporting by Jessica Vicente]

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