Office Staff

Kevin Costello

Associate Executive Secretary & Human Resource Director
Kevin K. Costello serves as the Associate Secretary-Treasurer of Southern Asia-Pacific Division.  His responsibilities include caring for the inter-division workers who come to this Division; sending missionaries from our division to the rest of the world; assisting inter-union employees and mentoring the Adventist Service Volunteers who both come to and go from our Division.  He is also responsible for overseeing the policies of the Division.
With 26 years of denominational experience, Kevin has also served as a conference pathfinder director, conference youth ministries director, and pastor around the world. He greatly enjoys conducting evangelistic series, Weeks of Prayer and youth programs.
Kevin and his family joined our team in September 2008. He considers this Division home since he served in the islands of Micronesia as a student missionary for three years and later as an interdivision employee on Guam when SSD was then Far Eastern Division.