Southern Asia-Pacific Division

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Maluku Mission


Physical Address:
Jalan Dr J Leimena
Hative Besar, Ambon
Maluku, Indonesia

Postal Address:
Tromol Pos 7
Ambon 97127
Maluku, Indonesia

Contact Information

Telephone [62] (911) 68364
Facsimile: [62] (911) 68364
Cable: “Adventist” Ambon, Indonesia

Administration Officers

Name Position
Yerry Risakotta President
Edgar Tauran Secretary
Jimmy F Pesik Treasurer

Department Officers

Name Position
Michael Anakota ABC
Yerry Risakotta Adventist Mission
Edison Lewedalu Auditor
Deetje Pesik Najoan Ch Min/FM
Anderonikus J Uniana Communication/Youth/AMiCUS
Grace Tauran Education
Edgar Tauran Ministerial
Masye T Risakotta Shepherdess
Edgar Tauran PARL
Jeandry Manembu Publishing/SOP
Edgar Tauran SS/PM
Jefrey Manampiring Stewardship/Trust Services/Philanthropy
Pieter Lampeang Assoc Stewardship
Masye T Risakotta Women’s Ministries

Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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