Departments & Services

Human Resource

Mission Statement

We strive to provide services to maintain the development and productivity of SSD's dedicated human resource.

Vision Statment

Aspires to achieve and maintain a pleasant and creative work environment necessary to successfully meet the SSDHR mission for its workforce. This workforce shall be equipped and empowered to serve with excellence and guidance.


  1. Develop and implement best practices in the recruitment, retention and development of outstanding support staff.
  2. Support and promote the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well‐being of the SSD workforce to foster individual, family and organizational excellence.
  3.  Develop HR manuals and other resources e.g. HR procedures, job analysis, job descriptions.
  4. Installation of Human Resource web page.
  5. Develop Human Resource Information System.
  6. Promote HR best practices to unions, local conferences, and local missions.