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Stories & Testimonies

We want to hear the stories and testimonies of how the care groups have been a blessing.  Examples might include: answers to prayer, improvement of health, a happier lifestyle, introduction or growing friendship with Jesus, or support and encouragement of Adventist friendships developed through the care group.

Here is a story and testimony report form for you to fill out and send in to the SSD.  We also have a similar form to help you when you want to submit for publication new reporting form form that you can fill out, and then submit to the SSD.  Here, we have also included some tips on how to write a story that may assist you in your writing.  Stories and testimonies will then be selected to post here, or to publish in one of our publications to encourage others.  We thank you in advance for sharing and we hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the experience of others.  God Bless!