SSD president calls for revival among church members with a re-emphasis on the Integration of Evangelism Lifestyle in 2015

During executive meetings at the start of the year, Alberto Gulfan Jr, president of the Adventist church's southern Asia-pacific region (SSD), reemphasized personal revival for every church member and a more widespread implementation of SSD's unique program, the Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle (IEL), by church leaders. Gulfan strongly believes that each department of the church has to work together to reach souls.

Pastor Hermogenes Villanueva, SSD Personal Ministries director, shares that the “IEL concept is a way of life and that it should be in the blood of every Adventist member in SSD.”

IEL takes a family approach to evangelism and progresses in three phases over the course of a year. While a traditional family was the original focus, any Adventist member can invite other Adventists in their social circle to join together to make a family group. Young professionals, single parents and their children, couples caring for aging parents, singles and others can create a family group based on similar or diverse backgrounds.

First, an Adventist family or family group focuses on personal revival. As a result, they choose a family or family group in their area to befriend and began praying for them as they become more acquainted.

Next, as friendships grow, the Adventist family or family group shares practical information and invites the chosen family or family group to church-sponsored events. These events called Love in Action complement the practical information already shared by the Adventist family or family group.

In the final phase, Bible studies are offered for those interested. The family or family group is invited to an evangelistic series held at the church at the end of the four-month period.

Throughout the year, the Adventist family or family group remains in caring contact with the chosen family or family group. This family connection ideally leads to a family connection with the Adventist church. Sharing truth and a life in Jesus becomes a collaborative work of the church family with membership nurturing and retention as natural byproducts.

SSD and its 1.2 million members strive to share a wholistic lifestyle centered on Jesus in southeast Asia, home to most of the world’s predominantly non-Christian countries.

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