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In the Philippines, in two straight years, another Adventist tops national physician licensure examination

[Photo grabbed from Clinton Rabadon]

In two years in a row,Adventist physicians grabbed the top spot of the Philippine Licensure Examination. With his 89.83 percent Clinton Rabadon, a graduate of West Visayas State University (WVSU), joins the rank of last year’s top finisher Dr. Jerald Pelayo. This feat makes him the fifth Adventist physician to take the first spot in the last 13 years. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) results published on March 14 showed that 1,209 of 1,579 applicants passed the licensure examination with an average of 76.57% passing rate.

Alongside Rabadon are six other Adventist physician licensure examinees who made it to top 10.

Top 3 Daniel Panaglima, MD 88.75 of Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc.
Top 5 Jessa Elaine Fronda, MD 88.33 of Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc.
Top 7 Dave Ivan Bruel, MD 87.92 University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center
Top 8 Jonathan Macatiag IV, MD 87.58 Universityof the Philippines - Manila
Top 9 Temie Paul Villarino, MD 87.42 West Visayas State University
Top 10 Wilma Cleo Yvonne Dapog, MD 87.33 Cebu Doctor’s University-College of Medicine

Rabadon decided to follow the medical path after realizing the severe need for physicians in poverty-stricken communities.

Rabadon was a consistent honor student in his junior years. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Bicol University of Polangui where he landed top ten in the 2010 Nursing Licensure examination.

In a text message,Rabadon expressed how everything is sinking in several days after passing the examination. “Words are not enough to utter how blessed I am for the results…I sometimes ask Him “what have I done to receive such blessings?” I know that He wants me to tell the world that He is a generous Father, and I will be more useful if I witness on how He works in me by bringing me into this place,” Rabadon added.

Like most examinees, Rabadon didn’t aim for the top spotbut endeavored to make it to top ten. He remembered praying only to finish the exam and to get a good rating.

“I asked the Lord to equip me with wisdom, that I will be more useful in His ministry,” Rabadon said. “I know that a lot of people are praying for me to reach the top, but I asked the Lord that whatever the outcome is, I will always be grateful,” he added.

“I will trust whatever the result is because I know that the Lord has won the battle for me even before I took the examinations,” Rabadon stated.

Rabadon recalls that in the months prior to the licensure exams the Sabbath became a reprieve from the exhausting reviews, providing him a special day of communion with God, renewing his physical, as well as his mental and spiritual well-being. In terms of academic preparations, he stressed the value of quality over quantity of time studying.

Rabadon is a cousin of last year’s Physician Licensure Exam top-placer Dr. Jerald Pelayo.

In recent years, Adventist health professionals haveestablished an identity of excellence, particularlyin the Philippines. This gave the church the opportunity to advance its unique health message in the perspective of healthcare.

Commenting on these monumental achievementsof Adventists entering the professional health service Dr. Ma. Rizaline Alfanoso, of Southern Asia-Pacific Division,said: “God is looking for men and Women to change the world and advance His kingdom. And God has allowed these young professionals to excel in such a time as thiswhen the World is a Lazar house filled with maladies, dysfunction,brokenness, andaddiction.”

Rabadon plans on working part time as a general practitioner while waiting for his residency. He is now focused onjoining various medical missions of the church. One of which just concluded in Samar.

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