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Asia-Pacific International University welcomes Dr. Danny Rantung as new president

Asia-Pacific International University introduced Dr. Danny Rantung as new university during a chapel convocation on January 13. His extensive experience in Adventist higher education as well as his work throughout Southeast Asia makes him an excellent fit for APIU.

Dr. Rantung previously served as the Education Director of the Adventist church’s Southeast Asia Union Mission (SAUM) in Singapore, the parent administrative body for the university. Before that, he was the Associate Director of Education for the church’s regional office in the southern Asia-pacific  (SSD) headquartered in the Philippines.

Dr. Rantung once served as dean for the Faculty of Business at APIU and had four years of experience as Vice President for Academic Affairs for the university. He has the strong leadership skills and the background in higher Adventist education necessary to manage a large institution.

A common theme running throughout his previous roles is his commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist principles of holistic education. Adventist education aims for an integration of faith and learning — ministering to students’ minds, bodies and spirits. As the main international university of the Adventist Church in this region, APIU looks forward to developing under Dr. Rantung’s leadership.

“As we move deeper into days and months ahead of us, it is my prayer that God will sustain you with good health, emotional strength, and divine wisdom. May we all work as a team in preparing the students that God has entrusted to us to be successful in this world and in the world to come,” shares Dr. Rantung in an interview.

Asia-Pacific International University is a private international Seventh-day Adventist university located in Thailand. Its main campus is in the rural town of Muak Lek, Saraburi Province and the nursing school is located on the grounds of Bangkok Adventist Hospital in downtown Bangkok. APIU is the only tertiary education institution serving in SAUM’s territory. It is part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world's second largest Christian school system. [Diana Riesenberger]

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