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Adventist Communication Training lands in the Philippines, creating a positive impact on young communicators

[Photo courtesy to SSD Communication]

The Adventist Communication Training or ACT is a brainchild project of the Communication Department of the Adventist world church designed to empower and equip our local communication leaders to be frontrunners in disseminating accurate and factual information to the church and the community using various methods of communication.

This intensive training primarily aims to remind communication leaders about their important role as the media personnel, the spokesperson, the crisis manager, the news curator, and bridge builder of the church towards its members and the community.

On July 31-August 4, the ACT program finally landed in the Philippines after its successful launch in three cities in India. Over 200 delegates across the Philippine archipelago flew down south in Cagayan de Oro city to experience this unique communication training.

Adventist Communication leader of the Adventist world church, Elder Williams Costa led the team from the world church bringing in new insights, strategies, and activities. In his opening message, Costa stressed the importance of communication inside the church and how much value we should give to information.

“When I started receiving letters from viewers converted through a program on tv, that persuaded me to have passion in communication, Costa said while sharing his experiences when he was starting in the ministry. “I discovered through a tv program of the church the potential that we have to impact people’s lives,” Costa added.

Dan Weber, Communication director of the North American region recalled how God sent him to different places around the world were challenges are fierce and danger is imminent, yet the Lord’s work to communicate His word remained to be on top of every believer’s priority.

“What do you think God can do to each one of you?” said Weber, while challenging the delegates about what they can do for Christ. “You are devoted to this church. You are devoted to being a Christian. You’re devoted to sharing the gospel. That’s why you are here,” added Weber.

The ACT program spearheaded by the Communication department of the Southern Asia-Pacific region through Pastor Mamerto Guingguing II is a first in the Philippines. In an interview, Guingguing said that this meeting opened numerous possibilities for the Philippines to maximize the potentials of communication in reaching in and out of the church.

[Photo courtesy to SSD Communication]

“We have a lot of talented young people in our churches in the Philippines. Their skills, honed primarily for ministry, can bring great results in the growing mass media technology in this country,” Guingguing said.

Part of the training was the launching of two Adventist films shown in the Philippines for the first time.

The film Opposites reveals the two extremes of society. The first of these extremes is that of Dr. Cietto who has accumulated doctorates and post-doctorates from around the world in multiple disciplines. He enjoys the best of what society has to offer. The second is that of Luiz - a young man who escaped a violent father to live in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Even though modern cities have been built to keep these two worlds apart, their encounter will inspire you to see the world differently.

[Photo courtesy to SSD Communication]

The movie Libertos features an action filled, Amazon-plotted film, circling around the story of a doctor who spent his life ministering to tribal groups. While doing his missionary work, the doctor, along with three other hostages was captured by bandits. This film highlights a life of sacrifice and faith reminding every viewer about the greatest sacrifice ever made for humanity.

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