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Adventist Church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region inaugurates three new mission offices in the Philippines

[Photo courtesy to SSD Communication Department.]

As the church continues to grow worldwide, the need for more mission field offices catches up.

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) recently dedicated three new mission offices in the three major islands of the Philippines. All three mission offices are strategically situated in major cities in the serviced territories.

Three new missions which were formally installed in January 2019 are officially named: the Samar Adventist Mission (SAM) in the Central Philippines, the Cavite Adventist Mission (CDM) in the North Philippines, and the Central Mindanao Adventist Mission (CMAM) in the South Philippines.

Elder Romeo Mangiliman, president of the Adventist church in the North Philippine region, led the dedicatory prayer for newly installed leaders of the Cavite Adventist Mission. [Photo courtesy to SSD Communication Department]
Adventist church in the Central Philippines, together with the leadership of the Southern Asia-Pacific region, document its first official portrait with its newly elected leaders of the Samar Adventist Mission. [Photo courtesy to Dr. Daryl Gay Tanamal.]
The Central Mindanao Adventist Mission holds its first constituency meeting to finally organize its departmental leaders and committees to jumpstart the work in Central Mindanao. [Photo courtesy to Hope Channel South Philippines]

“The church is created by God for His purpose… God never had any other purpose rather than to use you and me to reveal who He is, His character, His plan of redemption to mankind. That is God’s plan. That is God’s purpose,” said Elder Saw Samuel, president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD).

Samuel reiterates the role of the church as it continues to reach to more people for Christ in this end time.

Newly installed leaders of inaugurated missions also applauded the church’s endeavor to remain focused on the mission of reaching out to the community.

“It is with great joy to see our church in this division growing steadily in delivering God’s Word closer to each community,” said Israel Bacdayan, president of the Cavite Adventist Mission in North Philippines.

Leaders from the division headquarters who graced all three constituency meetings imparted words of encouragement as the young institutions accepted the charge of leading the flock in their respective care.

Dr. Bienvenido Mergal, vice president for the Southern Asia-Pacific region reminded the new mission offices about their roles in nurturing, discipling and reclaiming lost members, and encouraged everyone in these new territories to live a life that exemplifies Jesus.

“If our church is a caring church, we can strengthen the spirituality of our people. We can lessen the backsliding and increase the growth of our members,” said Mergal stressing on the importance of empowering the church members.

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