Office Staff

Welsie dela Cruz

Media Office Manager

Welsie dela Cruz graduated from Mountain View College with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1988 and afterward worked at the college radio station, DXCR, as acting program director for three years.

In 1992 he ventured in a private enterprise working on a mobile studio with a partner and operated in MVC and later in the year moved to Cebu City. In 1994, the Adventist union headquarters in Cebu (CPUC) called him to work as technical staff in media production. He came to work in SSD in 2006 as technical and video staff for the media production studio.

He is married to Leizl and they have three sons: Wayne, Orven and Warren. He is passionate about music and loves to sing having several singing groups in college where he directed a few. He loves to farm. Welsie specializes in multi-track audio productions. He is technically oriented in music and video productions.